The band has approximatively 20 members and normally we meet for practise one Sunday afternoon every month. We start the training on practice chanters and practise pads.

After a short coffee break with information about upcoming events, we take up the pipes and drums and practise our repertoire. The tunes we play are standard so that everyone should be able to participate.

In the Tannasg Pipe Band we think that social activities are as important as playing together. Therefore, we have social evenings once a month at a pub, where we bring other instruments like guitar, mandolin, fiddle etc, for a few beers and singalong. The pub we frequent is named Löwenbrau and is located at Fridhemsplan in Stockholm.

We also arrange a Summer and a Christmas party.

We do performances firstly because we like to play as a Pipeband, and you can read more about that under “SHOW

Even if the band consists of many people with long traditions with piping and drumming, we are open for new development. One such thing is that we last year (2020) changed our tartan from “Black Watch” the tartan all Bands in Stockholm have been wearing since 1968 (with the exception of Stockholm Caledonian Pipe Band 1976 – 1995) to “MacDonald Modern”. Read more about our reasons for doing so under ”HISTORY”.

We welcome new pipers and drummers but aim mostly to take in veterans that already can play the pipes or drums and who have played in one of the bands descending from the original band started by Per Colliander in 1968.

Unfortunately, we do not have beginners’ classes and have to refer you to one of the other bands in Stockholm.

We have also an open Facebook site (only in Swedish) where you can follow us.