What if I would like to join the band?

Our vision is to offer pipers and drummers that previously, perhaps in their youth, played in a Pipeband, the opportunity to rekindle their interest for Pipeband music and meet old friends again

In this way we also follow our original founder Per Colliander’s vision to let people in Sweden experience the special feeling you get when you hear and see a Pipeband. (See “HISTORY”)

We especially like to be out playing at many different occasions which we do as often as we can. This makes us a bit different from many other bands who have competitions as their main goal.

We think that playing in a Pipeband should be fun for all and we keep a good atmosphere and give place for all the members experiences. The repertoire consists of well-known standard tunes that you will probably recognize.

This means that its easy to join the band and learn what is needed to join us at the performances. (To look at the tunes and download scores see “REPERTOIRE”)

You are welcome to call us or send an e-mail. (See “CONTACT”)

We meet for practise one Sunday afternoon each month. We start by training scores on practice chanters and practise pads.

After a short coffee break with information about upcoming events we take up the pipes and drums and practise our repertoire. The tunes we play are standard so that everyone should be able to take part.

In the Tannasg Pipe Band we think that social activities are as important as playing together. Therefore, we have social evenings once a month at a pub, where we bring other instruments like guitar, mandolin, fiddle etc for a few beers and singalong.


We have chosen that each member owns his own instrument and uniform.

To make it possible for the members to afford the uniforms we sponsor part of the uniform and you pay the rest. We also make deals with suppliers to get the best deals possible and we always pay things like freight, tolls etc from the band.

We found that a lot of veterans retain at least some part of their old uniform, but if you miss some items, we will help you get them.

One of the suppliers we use is our friends at Scottish House in Stockholm where the band also have a discount.


Black Glengarry for Pipers and Diced Glengarry for Drummers

MacDonald Crest badge and red Hackle

White shirt

Silver grey Band tie

Black Argyll Jacket with Vest

Black Waistbelt and buckle

Kilt Tartan Macdonald Modern

Kilt pin: MacDonald Crest

Sporran model EW-3 black

Off white kilt hoses.

Flashes: Guards pattern

Black Ghillie Brouges.


Pipe cover black with red trimmings

Red  Drone chords

Piper ready.
MacDonald kilt storage.