EW 3sporran MacGregor and MacDuff

The band has been appointed “Honorary Scandinavian Pipe Band to Lord MacDonald” which is the reason why we are using the tartan “MacDonald Modern”, for our kilts and plaids. We are also wearing the MacDonald Crest Badge within Belt and Buckle, in our caps and on our Kilt pins.

We use the civilian type of uniform, with black Argyll Jackets with Vest, our silver-grey Band Tie and white Shirts.

As headwear we use Glengarry bonnets and keep an old tradition from when the original band was formed over 50 years ago. This tradition says that the Pipers are wearing "Black Glengarries" and the Drummers are wearing "Diced Glengarries".

As Cap badge we use MacDonald Crest badge with the motto “Per Mare, Per Terra” and with a red Hackle for pipers and drummers, a black Hackle for Drum Major and a white Hackle for Pipe Major.

We use  standard waistbelts in black leather with buckle and black Sporrans type EW3

As footwear we have Gillie Brouges and offwhite Kilthoses with Guards pattern flashes.

The Pipes are the well-known Highland Bagpipe famous across the world and we have three types of drums; Side drums, Tenor drums and Bass drum.

The Side drums are ”Premier Pipe band Drums” which are very highly tensioned with snares on both top and bottom batters and played with drumsticks.

The Tenor drums are carried like the Side drums but are a bit larger and have no snares. They are also not played with drumsticks, but with mallets and the Tenor drummers are also easily recognized for their flourishes.

The Bass drum is of course the centre piece of the drum corps and on its batter, you can see the band logotype. It is also played with mallets and the Bass Drummer is also wearing an apron in (simulated) leopard skin, which is a tradition from the 19th Century.

Most bands today carry their Side drums in harnesses, but we have chosen the old method of carrying them in Drum slings.

Leading the band from a front position, you have the Drum Major that directs how the band starts and stops and gives signals with his mace to show in which direction we will march.

If the event calls for more musical diversity, we can also bring traditional folk music instrument like guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bodhran, bass guitar etc.